The Corner with K-Hubb, Handbags of Hope, and a local family partner up to adopt 6 families for Christmas



WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF GIFTS FOR THE FAMILIES…..  Please help, even if just a little bit.  This is a reality here in Detroit and our surrounding areas.  Each of these families has a very unique situation, and they are absolutely amazing people.  3 of us hand selected the families based on need, and we found out that they really just need some simple items.  


here is a list of ages and sexes. We are still working on sizes etc for some of them. They’ve asked for very simple things…. Please help out, our deadline is Dec. 20th. I’ve found a ton of great deals online and also at $5 below… If you’re finding yourself generous, please commit to helping one of these kids for Christmas…
VIA PAYPAL, OR I will arrange for collection pickups For those of you who already have gift cards in their pocket, hang on to them, I’m coming for em!!!!! Thank you in advance for paying it forward this year.. even if a little bit!!!!

Family A
3 yo boy
2 yo girl
4 month old boy
(Family A the girl likes dolls and princesses and dress up stuff and the boy likes cars and trucks and all stuff boys. And the baby well baby stuff. The boy wears 4t girl 3t and baby 9 months)

Family B
20 yo girl (She is the only person working in the house, she is a hairdresser , and moved back with mom to help until she finds work again. Generic gifts like beanie, scarf, gloves.. And such I’m sure she’d appreciate. She also has a twin size bed)
13 yo boy (special needs Autistic/ADHD, has trouble expressing his feelings)

Family C
8 yo girl
5 yo boy
Family D
16 girl size 0-1 pants /sm/xsm, loves clothes
14 girl size 0-1 pants sm/xsm loves clothes
9 boys – size: Boys 8-10 has a Wii U

Family E
9 yo girl

Family F
16 yo boy- pants 32×34
(wants: cologne, body wash, Nike socks; needs: socks, t-shirts)
or a gift card
14 yo girl-Pants 0-4, shirts. small-xsmall
(wants: earrings, needs: socks, t-shirts,bras 32b)v
or gift card
4 yo boy – pants 5-6t shirts 5-6x
(wants: hand games (I.e. leapfrog, cars,; needs: socks, t-shirts, underwear)
3 yo girl- 4-5t shirts 4-5t (wants barstools, educational hand game, needs: socks, tights, t-shirts, panties)


Thank you from the bottom of my heart..