Wow, we had a lot of fun, and a lot of serious talk on this episode!  I had the pleasure of having REDD back in studio, as well as hot pop rock artist Rocquel, Stewart Artist Management, Advanced Recording Studios, Also I brought in last-minute; Angie Wheeler, proud mom of Joshua who is Autistic, and she had a story to share!

First things first, Costume was strongly embraced as Word Of The Week, Talked about The Walking Dead a lot…Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it here!  We also talked about Drive-thru funeral homes, Ebola, The Detroit Lions and their winning streak…and why K-Hubb is pissed!  B-Side Johnny has his own opinions on  a man mopping too hard, and we also talked about huge gourds.  We discussed ticket winners for 3rd Annual Halloween Hell at the Detroit Pub, and the upcoming events of the month!   We had an interesting discussion during “Let’s Talk about Sex”.. for that you’ll have to download or steam the show!  We did skip out on the top 8 this week, Angie’s story was super important, so I encourage you all to listen to this episode!  We sure did end the show with some great “Craigslist Crazies!”  You know you have to listen live, or download our show now just to hear the madness!!!

From My crew to yours,  Thanks to all of you who continue to tune in, we couldn’t do it without you!