This was a fantabulous episode!  It was a like a huge reunion for most of us!  I had a full house that included Me, B-Side Johnny, Justin Barbu, Matt Bell, Tom Bell, Mike L. and Christine B!  We reminisced about the “early” years and how far we’ve all come since we all first met. We even talked a little about Mike’s spectacular birthday at Pub 1281 a few years ago… this was a funny story, so tune in and catch it!   We got to talk Soul Preacher !!! (Justin Barbu, Matt Bell, Tom Bell) .  You’ve heard their hit “I Remember” several times on the show, so I’m hoping that this episode will be a treat for you!  Justin was in from Cali, and they were laying down some new tracks this week, which means there will be new music soon!  You’ll have to download this episode to hear how you can get it!   We also talked a bit about Tom & Matt’s business Rollin Rampant Music LLC, and what they’ve got coming up.

I’m thankful  B-Side Johnny still shows up!  Especially because that guy says some supper funny things.  This week he  told us he was “Laid off & Lovin it.”  He apparently drinks bloody Mary’s all day, and doesn’t clean the house.

Word of the week was NASTY, and was used in excess.

The news was a bit insane this week… We talked about quarters, penises, and vegetables that all made the headlines.

We also had my girlfriend Christine in the background (she doesn’t like to be on mic), and the ever so Famous Mike L.  He is always a riot in the studio, and  he delivered our “Craigslist Crazies” this week, and made me realize how much I missed having him on the show.   We also talked our regular topics, so make sure you get this show for the “Top 8 at 8”, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, and all the other great segments we do!

Our music of the week included:

Soul Preacher

Six Weeks Sober

Critical Bill


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