What can I say?  We continue to rock it out in the studio, week after week!  This episode started out super funny, I missed my intro for the first time in 2 years!  Tonight I had special guests, Country Singer Brian Schram, Mike Boggio (MEG-Michael Entertainment Group, Los Angeles), William David from Advanced Recording Studios, & great friend of mine Keefer who sometimes thinks it’s “best to keep his mouth shut”.  Not on air sir!

We started out with a bunch of funny talk, but of course we had a word of the week!  You’ll just have to listen to find out what it was, or how many times it was used!  There was news topics galore and we talked about a dead guy voting in Michigan, and Buried ET games.. that was interesting!

We had an amazing segment talking all about  Brian Schram, and what’s been going on in his music career.  We were even priveledged enough to play his new track “Lost In The Country” produced at Advanced Recording Studios…. so you will definitely want to keep tuned in!

We had our typical greatness and laughs, but you know I’m never going to tell you what was actually said.. until you download the show!!!

Our music of the week included:

Ashes of Soma

Six Weeks Sober

My Perfect Nightmare

Brian Schram


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Skinny’s Repair & Performance

Advanced Recording Studios


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